A Foodie’s Paris

A Foodie’s Paris

A trip to Paris is incomplete without trying all the amazing cuisines it has to offer. If you think sticking with French is the way to go, then you are seriously mistaken. We were totally blown away by how exquisite different cuisines are transformed by the Parisians.


1.  Passion Forest — a neighborhood bakery near Champs-Elysées. We sampled almost everything in here from baguettes to macaroons and they all taste great.


2. Ladurée – the famous bakery best known for its macaroons. Try to avoid the one on Champs-Elysées as the line is spilling out from the store onto the street. If you are going to visit Printemps, there’s one on the women’s floor 1 where you don’t have to wait at all and it has a nice sit-down area.


3. Galeries Lafayette Gourmet – who would think that this famed department store will have a Chinese Deli! Go to the men’s store and you will find it on floor 1.

Paris - Galeries Lafayette

4. Dinner Cruise on the Seine – enjoy the city of lights with fine food and live music. It’s probably the best experience I’ve ever had with a dinner cruise.

Paris - Eiffel Tower at night

5. Latin Quarter – we came back to this area several times for dinner because we just couldn’t find anything better elsewhere. Excellent choice in terms of variety and price.  I strongly recommend trying beef tartar if you are feeling adventurous. Don’t go to one of those restaurants that have English menu at the door. The less English they speak, the better the food.


6. Chinese Food – this is not your usual, cheap, greasy, kung pao chicken type of food anymore. It’s actually quite refreshing, believe it or not. We went to Le Lys d’Or (meaning golden lily) near where we stayed in the 12th district, it was impressive.


7. Peruvian Food – we just happened to pass by this small restaurant, El Condor Pasa, during dinner time. Our friend saw some good reviews on tripadvisor and we decided to give it a try. It turns out the owner does not speak much more English than we speak French, but the food is excellent, which once again proves my point that bad English equals good food.


8. Thai Food – this was not our first choice for a farewell dinner in Paris. However, all the other French restaurants within walking distance were full. Things weren’t going too well for my better half until he had the super spicy papaya salad, and this little Thai place instantly jumped to the top of his list of best restaurants in Paris.