About Me

I love food — it would be difficult for a Cantonese not to enjoy food, because we are born to take on the challenge to taste anything that can fly but not an airplane and anything that has four legs but not a table.

I love to travel — I had been going to new places every year when I was a kid. Ever since I moved to the States, my travel opportunities has decreased to almost none.  Not until start working full-time, I have the time to go on trips again. My favorite place in the world? Hawaii. It has the 2 things that I most appreciate: warm weather and great food.

I love to work with kids — that’s why I volunteer for many programs over the year. To name a few, I had coach a local FIRST Lego League, I participated in local schools for EWeek and I mentored students at a local elementary school.

I love solving problems — as an engineer, I have been trained to solve problems for god knows how many years. Just like everything else, practice makes perfect.